Back to school: tips and hacks for success

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As the end of summer approaches it’s time to think about making this year even better than last year.

I discovered several articles, including this one that contains back to school solutions for many different challenges from the scientists at Stanford:

Back to school time also means students find themselves waking up earlier than usual. Gone are the lazy days of summer… staying up late and sleeping in!

One of the keys to remembering better is being awake and aware. This improves our focus and lets our minds do their jobs well - pay attention and remember what we see, hear, and read. Getting our students back onto a good sleep schedule is essential for success in school!


How to help you student adjust? I found this interesting article/report from a TV station in Utah that is worth checking out.

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Finally, here’s another video with more ideas, including suggestions like eye exams, managing stress, and more:

“But I can’t go to bed…it’s still light out!!!”

“But I can’t go to bed…it’s still light out!!!”