Grades improve with more (and better) sleep

One of the important aspects of memory is the ability to focus. Without taking in the information we can’t remember it. This is a big part of why many students struggle to remember well especially in certain classes. If there is a subject or teacher our students don’t care for it’s much harder to focus. Lack of focus equals inability to remember well. In my assembly (The Feats of Memory Show) I address this and help students focus better in class — even the ones they dislike.

Another big contributor to lack of focus is tiredness. Kids are so busy these days with extracurricular activities, friends, family, and homework, plus the natural inclination to want to stay up late, that many aren’t getting enough sleep. If this is the case with your student, one way to quickly and easily improve their grades is to help them get enough sleep.

This article offers one big way to help with that — limiting screen time at night and/or eliminating the blue tint to the screens that interferes with sleep. (My tablet has a Blue Screen function that I use if I’m reading before bed and I believe it helps.) Take a few minutes to read this interesting, short article and see if you can help your student succeed more with a simply tweak to their routine.