fundraising tips for PTO

Surprising and Creative Ideas for PTA/PTO Fundraising and Membership Success

A school’s parent organization often plays a vital role in providing  students with the best possible academic experience. But organizing special events and enrichment programs requires financing. Here are some excellent resources I found that may help you with fundraising, budgeting and more.

In addition to membership dues and donations collection, throwing a great fundraiser event could be a sure-fire way to generate income and raise your group’s budget. Bake Sales, Movie Nights and Raffles are some of the common fundraising events, but involving ducks, pork bellies and weddings? PTO Today lists these amazingly creative 12 Creative PTO Fundraisers. You might also want to check out their 9 Tips To Increase Fundraising Sales, which offers some surprising ideas.

Arranging a great fundraiser involves gathering up as many members and volunteers you can to help with the event. PTNEWS has 10 Ways to Increase your PTA or PTO membership.

And of course, a successful fundraiser is one that could boast an excellent turnout, check out Increase Event Attendance in 17 Ways also by PTNEWS.   

Finally, if budgeting and money management are new to you, check out this page of basics from PTOideas about making use of the PTO’s financial information in creating a stable budget for your parent group. (Best part: an interesting idea about accepting donations vs. dues.)