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Brad’s Newest Book!

Available June 17, 2019

This is a book with short but comprehensive, easy-to-read answers to all your memory problems!

There are 25 hacks for each section: School/Learning, Work, and Life. You’ll love it!

Order today so you don’t…ahem…forget!

Unlock Your Amazing Memory: The Fun Guide That Shows Grades 5 To 8 How to Remember Better and Make School Easier


Help your student get better grades, gain test-taking confidence and enjoy learning. See the pride that comes from improved grades and the confidence from knowing the answers.

Unlock Your Amazing Memory teaches a complete process for remembering. It's packed start to finish with real-world examples that can be applied to any fact or subject. The book demystifies the process of remembering while still being easy to read, with over 150 pictures and illustrations

Readers start at the beginning, learning about the three distinct steps to remembering and discovering where they need the most help. Solutions are provided for each of the three areas: practical tools to address each step.

This is not a book that teaches cute tricks to remember a few specific facts. It's filled with tools and techniques anyone can use to remember anything, including:

  • Numbers

  • Dates and events in history

  • Spelling and vocabulary

  • Foreign languages

  • Lists and the steps to any process (great for math and science)

  • Groups of facts about specific events or subjects

  • Math formulas

  • State and world capitals

  • And much more

At each of The Feats of Memory Shows, free copies of this helpful book are distributed. Ask for a custom quote to help your students receive this entertaining resource. (It's also great for students in grades 3 and 4 with a little help from parents or teachers.)

Learn more about the book by clicking the Amazon link below. Available in both paperback and Kindle/online edition (read even if you don't have a Kindle, just by using your computer's internet browser!).