Better grades, reduced test-taking stress, and improved recall with one inspiring academic assembly.

An Assembly That Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators All Love

Introduction and Proposal

Hi Carlye,

Greetings, and thank you for considering bringing my Feats of Memory Show to your school. 

Below you'll find the pricing, Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the preview video and information about the assembly.

Feel free to share this link with others. It's meant to be a simple way for everyone involved in the decision making process to see all of the details. 

Please drop me a line after you have a chance to review everything to let me know your thoughts and whether it might be a good fit for your school.


Date: TBD, 2017-2018 school year
Location: Markham Place Elementary School, Little Silver, NJ

Fee includes all travel and expenses.

PRICING FOR "The Feats of Memory Show" AT ONE SCHOOL *

(*See below for block booking discounts)

You get two fun-filled assembly shows customized to fit your schedule (40-60 minutes).

Also included:

  • Optional FREE 5-15 minute Question and Answer session after the shows

  • Optional FREE 5-15 minute "VIP" session after the shows for one class or a small group: pictures, a chance to meet the performer, ask more detailed questions or have a discussion about the arts, focus, memory improvement, etc.

  • Printable 8.5x11 poster (PDF file) to announce the shows

  • Pre-show handout for teachers (PDF file)

  • Post-show handout (PDF file and/or link for downloading) for parents

  • Basic study guide for teachers (PDF file)

  • BONUS: Free copies of Brad's book, Unlock Your Amazing Memory provided to the school (maximum 10 per school, a $120 value).

  • Updates and confirmation emails so you always know what is happening

Two shows: $1,150

One Show: $850

(First show: $850 +$300 for each additional show at the same school on the same day)
Pricing includes all travel, tolls, hotel, food, etc. There are no additional fees.


Each school receives a block booking discount based on the number of shows at each school:

$50 off if a school has one show
$100 off if a school has two shows
$125 off is a school has three or more shows. 

Schools 1 and 2 block book for shows on a Tuesday and Wednesday. 

School 1 has 1 Feats of Memory Show. Normal fee is $850, minus $50 block booking discount = $800.

School 2 has three shows (any combination). Normal fee is $1,450, minus $125 block booking discount = $1,325.

The students and staff genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to experience the Feats of Memory show. Brad was very engaging and students were amazed by the strategies to improve their memory skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you need (stage requirements, sound system, etc.)?
A: Brad's goal is to be the easiest-to-work-with performer you have ever met. The only items needed for the assembly show are:

  1. An indoor location that is at least 12 feet wide by 6 feet deep, with a power outlet within 50 feet.

  2. Students ready to have fun and learn!

Brad brings his own sound system, backdrop (to be used where needed), extension cord, water bottle, etc. He can carry everything and set it up himself: he strives to be fully self-contained. Setup takes about an hour, and packing up takes about 30 minutes (both can be done with students in the area: band rehearsal before school, lunch or gym class near the performance space after the shows, etc.)

If available, Brad requests access to the school's projector screen. Brad has his own 4'x8' screen he brings along, just in case, but it's often easier to use the school's. (Brad brings his own projector as well.)

Q: How long are the shows?
A: All the shows are adjustable based on your time constraints, but are ideally 40-50 minutes.
Keep in mind that if a show is scheduled for 9:30 that needs to finish by 10:15 (45 minutes), but the classes are called to the gym/auditorium at 9:30, the show more than likely will not start until 9:40 or 9:45, depending on school size, how quickly the classes arrive, and how long the introduction is (announcements, etc.). That leaves about 35 minutes, which is possible but not recommended. Try to plan for at least 40 minutes from the time Brad starts the performance. Brad's preference is 45 minutes from the start of the performance.

Q: How many students can you accommodate in one performance?
A: Brad can perform for as many people as you can fit in your assembly space. However, most schools prefer two groups unless the assembly is for an individual grade.

Q. What is the optional Q&A session and how long is it?
A. Students frequently have questions about both the entertainment and educational aspects of the assembly. If time allows, Brad is happy to answer questions. Students love the individual attention and getting their questions answered. Allow from 5-15 minutes.

Q. What is the optional VIP Workshop and how long is it?
The VIP Workshop is a 15-45 minute informal session following the show, either where the assembly is held or in a classroom. It's recommended for groups who desire customized instruction, putting what they learn during the assembly into practice. Brad takes questions (or works with the teacher(s) via email beforehand) to help the group with examples specific to their needs. It's a great reward for a class or a small group, or extra help for a group in need.

Q. Can you offer us a discount for a certain day/month, block booking, time of day, etc?
A. Discounts are offered for block bookings. Call with the number of schools and discuss the situation. Otherwise, unfortunately, discounts are rarely available, but call Brad to discuss ways to get community sponsorship, grants, etc.

Q. Are your shows BOCES registered (New York state)?
A. Yes. Both the Feats of Memory Show and the FUNance for Kids Show are BOCES registered (note that "BOCES approved" is a term that many BOCES have requested performers no longer use, which is why it's "BOCES registered.") The pricing should be the same as the quote above. If it's not, notify Brad, he'll figure out what has happened.

Q. How do your assemblies relate/conform/work with the Common Core Standards?
A. The Feats of Memory Show is wonderful for students whether or not Common Core is being used. Being able to focus and recall are part of the foundation for learning. Higher-level classroom discussions can't be held until the students are able to grasp facts and concepts, as well as listen attentively and relate what they've heard with what they have previously learned. The Feats of Memory Show is a way to help students learn: the basics of how the mind remembers, why we forget, how to focus better in class, how to handle test-taking stress and forgetfulness and various techniques to help their natural memories. This helps no matter what subject is being taught or what standards are used.

Watch a short preview of The Feats of Memory Show.

Frustrated by "I forgot"? In 45 minutes your students will triple their memory abilities... and have fun doing it.
(Scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch Brad's interview about memory on The Today Show)

Feats of memory inspire students to exercise their minds.

Students are both inspired and motivated by the assembly, with an understanding of where they need to improve their ability to remember and the tools to do so. They also regularly exclaim, "Wow - that's so cool!" and are excited to apply the techniques of memory improvement in their lives.



A Fun Academic Assembly That Shows Students How to Improve Focus and Recall

To Get Better Grades and Make School Easier

Versions for grades 3-12.

The Feats of Memory assembly 

helps students understand:

  • How their minds form memories (remember more of what they see, hear and read)

  • The essential steps to remembering (help them figure out where they may be struggling)

  • The three keys to unlocking their amazing memory ability (a 3-step process to remembering anything)

  • The importance of homework and review

  • How to make any school subject easier (and more fun)

  • How to improve recall and reduce test-taking stress

  • How to focus better in class

Entertaining versions for grades 3 to 12

Watch Brad on The Today Show help Dylan Dreyer improve her memory.

Why invite Brad to entertain your kids? Three reasons:

1. It's fun yet practical.

Remembering well is a universal concern. Improving the ability to recall what is heard, seen or read is invaluable.

Brad's experience as an ordinary person learning how to develop an extraordinary memory helps students see that recall can be improved by anyone, while his "feats of memory" entertain students of all ages. It's a compelling assembly filled with helpful tools and techniques.

Brad's entertaining style and clear way of communicating complex concepts has made him a frequent guest on TV programs, where he shares the practical, real-world memory improvement tips he's developed. He is considered one of America's top memory improvement experts and the only one to offer performances for younger students.

2. Brad "walks the talk."

Brad is a record-setting Memory Athlete who trains his memory daily.

He has earned two bronze medals in American memory competitions, set an American record at the World Memory Championship in 2013 and 2014, and helped lead Team USA to a Silver Medal 2nd place finish in 2015 in China.

He is currently training to set a world record at an upcoming memory competition and is weighing a run at one of the memory records in the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Your students will be entertained, inspired and motivated.

This is not a boring, lecture-style assembly. It's a fast-paced show that keeps students engaged.

Brad uses his 25+ years as a full-time performer to entertain the students with juggling, balancing and comedy that explain specific points. Students are both intrigued and inspired by Brad's feats of memory and leave motivated to put into practice the tools and techniques they learn.



Students were buzzing as they returned to their classrooms and put Brad’s strategies to work!
Fantastic! Excellent educational content!!!
The students, staff and principal
all loved the show!

To check on availability
please contact Brad:


Brad Zupp