"FUNance for Kids: Where Fun and Finance Collide"

An assembly that students, parents, teachers and administrators all love.

Introduction and Proposal

The students, staff and principal all loved the show!

Hi Tara,

Too many laughs to count!
The teachers really liked the content, the kids enjoyed it as well!
My son talked about it all night.
Brad had every child in the assembly hanging on his every word.

Greetings, and thank you for your interest in my educational yet entertaining cultural arts assembly shows.

Below you'll find:

  1. The custom quote for pricing based on your area

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

  3. The preview video and information about the assembly

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Thanks again!





Date: TBD, 2016-2017 school year
Location: Matunuck Elementary School, Wakefield, Rhode Island

Fee includes all travel and expenses.

Pricing for "The FUNance for Kids Show"

You get two fun-filled assembly shows customized to fit your schedule (40-60 minutes).

Also included:

  • Optional FREE 5-15 minute Question and Answer session after the shows

  • Optional FREE 5-15 minute "VIP" session after the shows for one class or a small group: pictures, a chance to meet the performer, ask more detailed questions or have a discussion about the arts or the assembly subject

  • Printable 8.5x11" poster (PDF file) to announce the shows

  • Pre-show handout for teachers (PDF file)

  • Post-show handout (PDF file and/or link for downloading) for parents

  • Study guide for teachers (PDF file)

  • Updates and confirmation emails so you always know what is happening


Two shows: $995

K-2 for one assembly, grades 3-4 for the other.

(First show: $750, +$245 for each additional show at the same school on the same day)

Pricing includes all travel, tolls, hotel, food, etc. There are no additional fees.

For a preview video and more details about
the assembly, please scroll down past the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you need (stage requirements, sound system, etc.)?
A: Brad's goal is to be the easiest-to-work-with performer you have ever met! The only items needed for the assembly show are:

  1. An indoor location that is at least 12 feet wide by 6 feet deep, with a power outlet within 50 feet.

  2. Students ready to have fun and learn!

Brad brings his own sound system, backdrop (to be used where needed), extension cord, water bottle, etc. He can carry everything and set it up himself: he strives to be fully self-contained. Setup takes about an hour, and packing up takes about 30 minutes (both can be done with students in the area: band rehearsal before school, lunch or gym class near the performance space after the shows, etc.)

Q: How long are the shows?
A: All the shows are adjustable based on your time constraints, but are ideally 40-50 minutes.
Keep in mind that if a show is scheduled for 9:30 that needs to finish by 10:15 (45 minutes), but the classes are called to the gym/auditorium at 9:30, the show more than likely will not start until 9:40 or 9:45, depending on school size, how quickly the classes arrive, and how long the introduction is (announcements, etc.). 
That leaves about 35 minutes, which is possible but not recommended. Try to plan for at least 40 minutes from the time Brad starts the performance.

Q: How many students can you accommodate in one performance?
A: Brad can perform for as many people as you can fit in your assembly space. 

For The FUNance for Kids Show, Brad does not offer an all-ages show, but offers a "younger" version (usually K-2 or K-3) and an "older" version (usually grades 3-5 or 3-6). Custom versions may be available (contact Brad about your situation), but it's best to keep the grade ranges together if at all possible, both for the education and the enjoyment of the arts.

Q: We are a K-6 school and want The FUNance for Kids Show, but we need to have the groups as: grades K, 3, 4 & 5 first show, and grades 1, 2 and 6 for the second show. Is that okay?
A. It's not practical. Imagine teaching math to these groups and you can see the difficulties. As soon as you explain something to the younger students, the older ones roll their eyes and get bored. When you focus on the older students, the younger ones are lost and get antsy. As in the paragraph above, The FUNance Show works best when the grades are split into younger students for one show and older students for the other. If this is impossible, contact Brad and he may have a solution he's used in other situations.

Q. We are a grade K-2 (or 3-4 or Pk-8 or 5-7 or 6-9 or...) and we would like XYZ. Can you do that?
A. For any requests like this, just send Brad an email or give him a call. With his years of experience, he can work with you to find the perfect fit for your specific situation.

Q. What is the optional Q&A session and how long is it?
A. Students frequently have questions about both the entertainment and educational aspects of the assembly. If time allows at the school, Brad is happy to answer questions in a Q&A session. Students love the individual attention and getting their questions answered. Allow from 5-15 minutes.

Q. What is the optional VIP Workshop and how long is it?
The VIP Workshop is a 15-30 minute informal session following the show, either where the assembly is held or in a classroom. It's recommended for groups who desire customized instruction, putting what they learn during the assembly into practice. Brad takes questions (or works with the teacher(s) via email beforehand) to help the group with examples specific to their needs. It's a great reward for a class or a small group, or extra help for a group in need.

Q. What do you offer for Pre-K?
A. Brad offers a completely free FUNance for Kids mini-assembly for Pre-K (when combined with two other shows for the older students). Brad will go to the Pre-K classroom and perform a funny, 10-15 minute version of the FUNance show specifically designed for the younger students.

Q. Can you offer us a discount for a certain day/month, block booking, time of day, etc?
A. Discounts are offered for block bookings. Call with the number of schools and discuss the situation. Otherwise, unfortunately, discounts are rarely available, but call Brad to discuss ways to get community sponsorship, grants, etc.

Q. Are your shows BOCES registered (New York state)?
A. Yes. The FUNance for Kids Show is BOCES registered (note that "BOCES approved" is a term that many BOCES have requested performers no longer use, which is why it's "BOCES registered"! The pricing should be the same as the quote above. If it's not, notify Brad, he'll figure out what has happened.

Q. How do your assemblies relate/conform/work with the Common Core Standards?
A. The overall theme of The FUNance for Kids Show is the importance of math skills in everyday life, which works well whether the Common Core is being used or not. It also covers some specific math in both the younger and older versions, as well as careers (older version), budgeting (both), what saving money is plus how and why to do it (both) and more that are essential in life, whether it's a part of a school/district/state's curriculum or not.


Students discover the importance of math

(even if they hate fractions)

by learning the essentials of personal finance.

Versions for grades K-6.


In the FUNance Show, students learn about: 

• Needs and wants
• What saving money is, why it's important, & how to do it!
• Where money comes from - and goes!
• Getting anything they want by using a spending plan
• What debt is, plus why & how to avoid it

All concepts are presented visually using the performing arts. 
Grade-appropriate versions for:
K-2 & 3-5
or K-3 and 4-6
(or customize for your group).

BONUS: A free copy of "6 Ways to Help Your Child Learn about Money" available for each student's family.

As a former Financial Planner and Accredited Asset Manager Specialist (College of Financial Planning), Brad is uniquely qualified to teach students about the importance of math and personal finance. He uses his 30 years of full-time worldwide performing experience to entertain grades K-6 while helping them grasp abstract finance concepts like budgeting, saving, needs and wants and more.

Watch the short video of
The FUNance Show
to see how fun it can be
to learn about math and personal finance.


Spinning plates teach the balance of needs and wants.

Students leave the assembly grasping concepts that many adults don't, with an ability to not only understand math and money, but know how they can get more of what they want, how and why to save money, and the importance of math skills in everyday life. They not only understand financial concepts, but as several reviewers have explained, they go home and explain what their new knowledge to their parents, who are both amazed and delighted! 

To have your questions answered or check on availability
please contact:


Brad Zupp