Pricing and Availability

Pricing is based on the location of the performance(s). For most of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, pricing is in the $995-1,095 range for two performances, ALL INCLUSIVE. Some areas are slightly less or more expensive. 

For exact,all-inclusive pricing for your area, please call, email, or fill out the form on the contact page. (When calling or emailing, PLEASE INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SHOW(S) YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.)

For New York schools: the shows are BOCES registered .

Show Requirements

An indoor performing space with a minimum 8’ ceiling height, and an electric outlet within 50 feet. Everything else is provided: including the extension cord, sound system and the fun, funny and educational content!


Contact us for block booking discounts (2 or more schools booking together).

Does you school have a student banking program. Many banks and credit unions are happy to co-sponsor a personal finance assembly! Contact Brad for help and suggestions.

Specific details for The funance For Kids Assembly

The Show:

There are two versions of the FUNance show:

  1. Younger students (Grades K-2 or K-3)

  2. Older students (Grades 3-5 or 4-6)

Both versions are similar, but the show for the younger students has more magic and more silliness.

The version for the older students has more detail, a more complex budget with more math, and a module about debt and credit cards.

Based on both the entertainment and educational aspects of the show, it is best to group students together by the above grades. However, customized versions of the show can be created upon request to focus on your specific groups!


New York State Learning Standards addressed include: Social Studies (Understanding Economics); Math/Science (Understanding and Applying Mathematical Concepts and Principles); Career Development & Occupational Studies (Planning a Career) and Health/Physical Education/Home Economics (Managing Personal & Community Resources) 

New Jersey State Standards addressed include 9.1 & 9.2 (Career Education and Consumer, Family  & Life Skills) and 6.5 (Social Studies - Economics) and more!